Chairman and CEO

Since 1988, Mr. Haig has served as the Managing Director of Worldwide Associates, Inc. From 1992 to 1996, Mr. Haig also served as president of US-CIS Ventures, a privately held company active in transactions and projects in China and the Russian Federation.  He has worked on a wide variety of projects for Worldwide Associates with particular emphasis on aerospace, pharmaceutical and technology companies, and was active in providing strategic and financial advice to a broad range of companies from early stage through initial public offerings, including America Online, Inc.  Previously a partner in a large private law firm (1982-1988), Mr. Haig concentrated on international trade and corporate matters.  He received his undergraduate (1974) and law (1977) degrees from Georgetown University.  Mr. Haig was formerly Chairman of the Board of DOR BioPharma, Inc. (2005-2006); Conforce International, Inc.; and XVionics, Inc.  He also served a member of the Board of Directors of Dharma Therapeutics, Inc.; and Transcu Pte. Ltd.