Worldwide Associates has over the years assisted a number of early stage companies in capital formation and business development.  General Haig served as a founding director of America Online, Inc. (AOL) for 15 years while the Company worked with AOL as it grew to a multi-billion dollar public company.  Worldwide Associates has similarly assisted a wide range of early stage companies involved in the development of pharmaceuticals and assorted technologies.

The Company has participated in and/or managed a diverse range of projects outside of the United States. Worldwide Associates acted as a partner in an enterprise that constructed a $40 million border outpost for the Ministry of Customs of the Russian Federation. In addition, Worldwide Associates participated in the structuring of a joint venture between Brazil and China for the mining and trade of iron ore; the development of a feasibility study and formation of a consortium for the construction of a natural gas pipeline between Turkmenistan and Turkey; and a billion dollar joint venture between a major U.S. aircraft manufacturer and China.

With respect to transactions, Worldwide Associates has arranged for the sale or purchase of a variety of products in a number of countries overseas. These products have included sales of buses and motor vehicles to Kuwait, aircraft engines and gas turbines to a host of foreign countries, numerous types of equipment and machinery to China, and helicopters to a number of countries. Worldwide Associates managed and structured a sale of Boeing commercial aircraft to the Government of Turkmenistan, which at the time of the sale was the largest commercial aircraft transaction in the region.